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Piktochart is software that allows users to create an infographic with the help of a template. An infographic is an image of charts, diagrams, graphics and text used to represent information or data.
Usually very attractive and engaging, infographics help creators communicate basic and sometimes complicated ideas to their audience.

How To

Users can find tutorials on the support page on Piktochart.com. Click the Resources link at the top of your screen. Here, you’ll find step-by-step directions on the basics of creating a Piktochart, video tutorials, and specific help pages on charts, tools, graphics, and other features of the program. The Resource page also answers your questions on printing, saving and publishing.
A very helpful starting point is How can I make an Infographic in Five Steps? This page includes clear directions and screen shots.

Applications for Teachers & Students

Use Piktocharts created by teachers around the globe or create your own. Starting from scratch without any ideas or data is very frustrating. Collect data or information you want your students to grasp. Here’s a simple example:

Gather basic information about your students
  • number of females
  • number of males
Can be presented graphically, by percentage, etc.
  • favorite subject
  • greatest school-related stress
For these categories you could survey your students and include all options and results in your Piktochart. A bar graph or pie chart would clearly represent your survey question and results.

For example, your infographic may start like this:

Continue to add basic information about your class to your Piktochart.

Once you are done editing, publish your Piktograph to the Internet. After publishing, you will be able to view your Piktograph in Presentation Mode. Presentation mode changes your poster-like infographic to a slide show presentation. Presentation mode allows users to zoom in on different blocks of their Piktochart in a sequential order.

The Piktochart App allows users to view and share infographics from their iPad. Logged in users can view their saved Piktocharts, share via email, and view Piktocharts created by other users.


Consider your background, font and color scheme. Piktochart offers a variety of background colors and fonts- you could make your Picktochart look like a chalkboard.

Piktochart App for iPad
Version 1.0.12
Requires iOS 7.0 or later

Coming Soon...Piktochart infographics editor for iPad