The New eChalk: Logging In & Setting Up Your Profile

eChalk is brand-new to keep up with ever-changing technology.

There will be a few changes, but many of the same features, just "amped up" a little.

First things first...let's get everyone logged in.

1. Go to your school homepage.

  • It will look different. The school webmasters have been working really hard to get the new sites up and running. But expect some changes to the homepage, especially during the first couple of weeks.

2. Click Login.
  • Your user name is now your full school email address.
  • Your password is the one that you were using in November 2015.
  • Don't worry! I can change/reset your password today. In the future, you can see your librarian or whoever is in charge of eChalk in your building.

3. "Tiles, Feeds, and Blocks"

  • Right away, you'll see how different the appearance is. This version of eChalk uses "Tiles" for each school, group, class, etc. that you are affiliated with. Right now, you will probably only see a tile for the district and a tile for your home school. That will change as you create classes.
  • For now, just look in the upper right corner. There are a few tiny icons/links.

4. The Home icon.

  • Click here any time to be brought back to this main page.

5. The Calendar icon.

  • This version of eChalk provides a new "aggregate calendar." It's color coded to show events from all of the groups you're a part of right on one calendar. (District, school, class, group, etc.)

6. Your name is a hyperlink.

  • Click here to view "My Files" (including a folder called "Transferred Content," where eChalk has migrated all your previous lesson plans).

  • This is also where you can click "Edit Profile" to change the information that is available to the public. You can easily change your photo, as well as add important info. like: late day, telephone #, a short bio, a supply list, your class schedule, your room #s, etc.
  • Take a minute to edit your profile and image now. I'll be around to help!

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