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We will start with TodaysMeet. Please ignore the noticeably absent apostrophe. :)
Lawrence Road

Turtle Hook

UHS session 1

Elementary session 1

This will be a way for us to "communicate" both during this presentation and for one week afterwards.
It's a backchannel that allows you to post questions as I'm speaking or later on when you think of something.
All of us presenters will review the todaysmeet logs for each session and either compile the answers to your questions or find out the answers for you.


  • Later in the year, as we approach the time we will really need to put all of this new information into practice, we will email all teachers the link to this page. http://bestpracticesuufsd.wikispaces.com/eChalk+Help
  • It is where you can view the PowerPoint, intro videos, and instructions posted here on your own time and at your own pace.
  • In addition, summer inservice courses will be offered to allow for more focused hands-on time. And further training will be offered at the start of the 2016-17 school year.

PowerPoint Intro

The eChalk Legacy system which Uniondale has been using for many years is getting a much-needed update.
This update will make the overall site of each school much more modern-looking and much more user friendly.
It will offer new tools, mobile device compatibility, and the ability to embed social media.
It will also update the capabilities for users, making teacher pages much more user friendly as well.
This version of eChalk will have many of the features of learning management systems like Blackboard, Edmodo, and Google Classroom.
We will still have lesson planning capabilities, but we will also have new features allowing us to deliver our lessons and even our assessments directly through our class eChalk pages.

*The current eChalk site will END on July 31, 2016. So as we prepare for the changes and differences in the new and improved eChalk, we are offering this information to help you begin to adjust to the new system.

Temporary URLs

Each school's site manager is currently reconstructing the school homepage.
Eventually, the current URL for all our schools will be attached to the new, upgraded site.
For now, teachers can "play" on the new site using a temporary URL. You can view your school's new homepage, and you can begin to set up your class pages.

*NOTE: You will use your school email address for your username and the password you have been using for eChalk.
However, you may have to try a couple of your most recent eChalk passwords. Our data was sent to them a while ago.

High School
Lawrence Road
Turtle Hook
California Avenue
Northern Parkway
Grand Avenue
Smith Street
Walnut Street
District Site

Basic Info. & Videos

Old eChalk Legacy Vs. New eChalk

PowerPoint (basic comparison)

Additional info:
  • Data is continuing to be added and “rolled out” over the course of the next several months. So it is possible that certain features are not up and running yet.
  • Email will no longer be attached to eChalk. We will log in to Gmail separately using our school email addresses.
  • Teachers will still be able to post homework for students/parents to see on our class calendars.
  • Teachers will still have class pages, but they will need to be recreated in the new system.
  • Teachers will still be able to post lesson plans, but the lesson planner will have a different look. All previous lessons created in the old system will be migrated over to the new system as Word documents in My Files. My Files can be accessed by clicking your name in the upper right corner (once you are logged in).
  • We will have to copy and paste the old lessons to "fit" into the existing fields of the lesson template. It has not yet been customized for us.
  • There will be no storage limit in My Files.
  • Lesson sharing will continue to be available, but will be a feature that is added later.


(Live DEMO)

When you log in to the new echalk, you will be brought to your Dashboard where you will now see “tiles” or boxes for all the groups that you are a member of (Uniondale District, Lawrence Road, etc.).
Click the green plus sign next to the LR tile.
Click Create New Class.
Set the class name and select the subject area.
You must name one section (ex. Period 2). Eventually you will want sections for each of your classes so that you can add your students and take advantage of all the features of eChalk.
Set the end date for the current school year.
Click Create.

To edit info that students/parents will see (public info):
Click on the class you just created.
Click the blue Manage Public Pages button in the upper right corner.
Click Create New Page.
Name this page. ex) Math 8 Home
Click Create.
Choose Edit.
Select Row Configuration. Keep it simple! To match the style of the old eChalk class pages, select the row that has two 50% boxes. Add another row in the same configuration.
You can populate these fields with the information that you feel will be most useful to your class visitors. Examples:
  • Event Block (after you enter homework, tests, etc. in your class calendar, you can choose this feed to automatically display in one of your class page boxes.
  • Link List (important websites related to your class or curriculum).
  • Video Feed
  • Text (Welcome Message, Announcements, etc.)
Once finished, click Publish.
Then make this page your “Landing Page.” You can add sections later.

Lessons and Units are added in the “private” side of eChalk (as opposed to the public side you just used to create your public class page).

When you first log in to the new eChalk, you are looking at the your Intranet, or Private elements, viewable only by you as a logged in user. The sections are listed as a column of buttons at the left:
  • Feed
  • Calendar
  • Assignments
  • Resources
  • Discussions
  • Learn
  • Members
  • Settings
Many of these areas are not yet fully functional, but will be by the spring and certainly by the time we are all using this new version of eChalk during the 2016-17 school year.

Right now we cannot delete a class (it is in development). You can repurpose or edit it as needed.
If you are adding Feed Posts to class page, use the Tall Block Feature to have a list.

Sample Class Page in “Brochure Theme”

eChalk Help