Brief Synopsis: Todays Meet is a microblogging backchannel that empowers teachers to generate a discussion, without the interference of raised hands or student disruption.

Benefits: Todays Meet is similar to Twitter or Edmodo, as it gets students chatting, using a 140-character limit and an easy-to-use interface. Todays Meet is a backchannel, which helps teachers conduct online discussions, while channeling the results onto one web page or an Interactive White Board. Students can get to Todays Meet with the click of a mouse, if the teacher provides a link on a classroom blog or classroom web site. Once there, students login to Todays Meet simply by typing their name and clicking Join. No accounts or passwords are needed for teachers or students to use Todays Meet. Ease of use is one of Todays Meet's best features. When students and teachers want to speak, they type in a short sentence or two and click Say. Students or teachers using Twitter can join a Todays Meet conversation, as long as they have the twitter hashtag the teacher has set up.

How To

Todays Meet: Getting Started (YouTube 1:42)

Todays Meet: The Basics (YouTube 4:11)

Todays Meet: Beyond the Basics (YouTube 3:33)

Applications for Teachers & Students

  • 20 Useful Ways to Use Todaysmeet in Schools

  • Use this site to generate discussions and enhance communications skills.
  • Easily see who is actively participating.
  • Allows for teacher-students as well as student-student questions & responses.
  • Great for brainstorming, introduction to topic, review, do now assignments, checking for understanding in real time, generating discussion while watching a video, taking a poll.
  • Website can be viewed from computers, iPads, or any device with Internet/WiFi access.
  • Curricular connections: ESL, ELA, Reading Lab, AIS, Social Studies, Math/Science/Technology, the Arts, Library


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