It's a NEW, fancy, and free way to present info or share ideas. Think PowerPoint kicked up a few notches.
It allows you to create animated videos with tons of features like music, voiceover, animations, motion, and images in a "cartoon style."

How To

Sample Powtoon Video made by me (Paula Trapani) used as an intro with my classes to show some of the features of a finished Powtoon movie.

Powtoon Review & Example (YouTube 3:18)

Applications for Teachers & Students

We have successfully used this program with our middle-schoolers on the following projects:

Other possible applications:
  • Teacher introduction or reinforcement of a curricular topic/unit
  • Culminating student activity for a research project
  • Collaborative project (pairs or small groups)
  • Book trailers
  • Review of topic/unit
  • Use this site to build writing and presentation skills.
  • Website can be viewed from computers, iPads, or any device with Internet/WiFi access.
  • Curricular connections: ESL, ELA, Reading Lab, AIS, Social Studies, Math/Science/Technology, the Arts, Library