Padlet is a web site you can join and use for free. On Padlet, you and your students can share ideas and collaborate. Imagine an online bulletin board that allows each user to post their own content- thoughts on a topic, links, photographs, diagrams, etc. Teachers are able to monitor all content students add. In other words, nothing will post without your approval. For a fee, teachers can register for Padlet Backpack for Schools. Padlet Backpack offers more privacy and security among other features.

How To

Getting started: View this six minute video for great tips for creating your first Padlet.

Applications for Teachers & Students

Education World- Five Ways to Use Padlet in the Classroom
Great resource for using Padlet in your classroom:

Ideas from a fourth grade classroom in Massachusetts. From the same site: "Ideas you can stick to...Using Padlet in your Classroom".
Check out third grade teacher Debbie Watson's blog featuring all the different ways she integrates Padlet into her digital classroom.


Try the Google Chrome Extension of Padlet for more convenient use.
Padlet is a collaborative tool- try inviting people outside your classroom to add to your Padlet.