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Newsela is a personal reading service designed to help students in grades 3-12 master non-fiction literacy by providing daily news articles at five reading levels.
All articles are high-interest and common core aligned.

How To

  • Video (under 10 minutes) Newsela Write: outlining the nuts and bolts of Newsela

  • Video (3 minutes) Newselea: Finding and assigning articles and monitoring student progress

  • Video (2 minutes) Intro to annotations on Newsela

Applications for Teachers & Students

  • Use this site to build reading comprehension skills.
  • Easily assign articles, and then check to see who read the story, passed the quiz, and took notes.
  • Lead students toward deeper examination of content through interactive annotations and editable written response questions.
  • Reinforcement of curriculum or choice of topic of interest.
  • Use for current events assigments, summer reading tasks, homework, do now assignments.
  • Website can be viewed from computers, iPads, or any device with Internet/WiFi access.
  • Curricular connections: ESL, ELA, Reading Lab, AIS, Social Studies, Math/Science/Technology, the Arts, Library


You can even schedule an appointment to see a Live Newsela Demo.