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Google Classroom is a great tool from Google Apps for Education and provides a useful two-way communication option for teachers to use in their classrooms. Google Classroom is not a website; however, it does allow teachers to post announcements, assignments, and promote collaboration/communication in their classrooms.

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How To

Classroom 101

Getting Started with Google Classroom

Applications for Teachers & Students

  • Allows you to prepare and build a lesson/project/unit and associated links, videos, documents, etc. and keep them in one place.
  • Go paperless! Simplify the turn-in process.
  • Create Google classes for each period you teach, add the students in that period, and allow them to submit work right there!!! You can send it back with comments and a grade! You can even duplicate assignments in a single click so that you are not posting it separately for each of your 5 classes.
  • Classroom collaboration, discussion, announcements, and comments. (Comments can also be private.)
  • Seamless integration with Google docs (also allow for group collaboration).
  • Email all students in a class at once.
  • Share docs with a class.
  • One student, one slide.


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