Educreations allows you to record your voice and your iPad screen.
From their homepage:
You can create dynamic video lessons, that your students can access at any time

Educreations is both a website and an app.

About the site:
There is a free version, but there are also two paid options: Pro Classroom and Pro School. The free version offers users

How To

The Apps in Class site breaks down how you can use Educreations at every level of Bloom's Taxonomy.
A little about the app:
This 10 minute video is an exceptional introduction to the Educreations App.

Applications for Teachers & Students

Educreations...The Ultimate Whiteboard App
Record an important lesson your students can view as many times as necessary!
This tutorial covers the basic tools of Educreations as the teacher reviews the supply and demand concept. He demonstrates how to record and save a brief lesson to share with his students via email.


Think of Educreations as a recordable whiteboard.
You can record your lesson to share with students -Use if for instruction, reinforce challenging concepts
Use Educations for Assessments! -Your students can also record their work to share with you!