Atomic Learning is an online tutorial tool for technology. Best described, AL holds your hand while you learn the most basic or the most complex Tutorials are videos in varying length that show and explain how to use different programs - anything from Google Calendar to MS Word. Uniondale School District has a subscription to Atomic Learning, which allows teachers and students to sign up for individual accounts. (Check your district email for more details and log in directions!) Site membership allows teachers to create a learning units and assign it to your students. Take advantage of our membership and log in to browse the extensive list of tutorials- Atomic Learning can answer many of your tech questions!

How To

Once logged in, you can search for a program or topic on the main page. To drill down for more specific tutorials, try the Advanced Filter feature. This will allow you to choose the specific program and area you need. For example, select Word 2013 from the All Applications menu. Once filtered, you will see a list of all tutorials. Choose one and notice how it breaks down to shorter, more specific lessons.

Applications for Teachers & Students

If you are new to Atomic Learning, take a look at Featured Training and Resources on the site’s home page. (Your students will need to create an account ahead of time, so you’ll be able to assign tutorial to them.) Click on Basic Computer Coding: Coding in the Classroom. You will see how


Once you log in with our district’s password, change yours so it’s private to you. The Atomic Learning site has a Support section (look for the life preserver) and offers professional development workbooks in PDF format and getting started videos for members.